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Hot Thoughts

The rain has returned to the Pacific Northwest and it is getting colder.  Not been able to do much riding because of catching up on all the tasks I missed while on the Sierra Cascades cycling tour.   I am also getting lots of good help in repairing my Bianchi Eros bike, which truly took a […]

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Thu, November 17 2011 » On the Road » No Comments

REENTRY – 5 lessons learned

I am home from the Sierra Cascades Bike Tour of 2011.  My good old bicycle is being taken apart in California to be shipped home.  It may take a lot of work to get this 12 year old work horse back in shape.   I only had 5 gears left after a pack cord broke loose […]

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Thu, September 29 2011 » On the Road » No Comments

Up Hill and Down

Two and a half weeks of biking left to go on this Sierra/ Cascades Mountain passes tour. This has been an amazing experience and we have met so many interesting people. When we arrived in Mazama, Washington the whole community was gathered for a pizza feed in the park and they included us in their […]

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Thu, September 8 2011 » On the Road » 1 Comment