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Favorite Rides: PT. Defiance 2013 Edition

Near to the 4th of July celebration for a number of years now my bicycle riding buddies and I have done an 86 mile day ride to PT. Defiance on Puget Sound and nearby Tacoma, Washington.   There is a huge park at the Point and also the Zoo.  When we rode into the park this […]

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Fall tour – Columbia Basin 2012

Here we go again on our next bicycle tour for 2012.  I am expecting the arrival of my new bike within the week and it is an official touring bike.  Vacation dates are all set aside and we have been doing practice rides each week to get into shape.  Also we have been doing spinning […]

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New Viewing Tower for Westport, WA Marina

Recently, I had the opportunity to design a new viewing tower for the Westport Marina.   The original structure was steel and wood and was disintegrating in the harsh salty environment.  We were addressing the issues of longevity and attempting to create a high point for people to run to in a Tsunami.  Designed like a […]

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