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poppy_on_corfuThis summer I was privileged to attend two very interesting presentations which activated my excitement about the LIVING BUILDING CHALLENGE 2.0 

The first presentation was in Tacoma, Washington in July 2012 at the Cascadia Green Building Council and AIA joint event : THE SCIENCE OF DESIGN – BIOMIMICRY AND BIOPHILIC DESIGN. We met at the Center for Urban Waters  and heard two very capable and exciting speakers.

Nicole Isle, Director of Planning and Sustainability/Brightworks
“As a watershed ecologist and urban planner, Nicole helps project teams understand how biological knowledge can accelerate sustainability goals in the built environment.  She is trained as a Biologist at the Design Table through the Biomimicry Guild and helped to launch the Oregon Biomimicry Network.  The organization recently won a Bullitt Foundation grant in partnership with the Puget Sound Network to help implement Biomimicry projects in the Pacific Northwest.”

Her talk and slides were a wonderful resource and we took lots of notes.

Amanda Sturgeon, AIA, Vice President, Living Building Challenge/International Living Future Institute
“She is an award-winning architect and has been recognized as a pioneering leader in the green building movement in the northwest region.  Amanda was a founding board member of the Cascadia Green building Council, has served on the board of AIA Seattle and has been a visiting Adjunct Professor at the University of Washington.  Amanda won the Betterbricks Architect award in 2008 http://www.betterbricks.com/awards/interview-amanda-sturgeon , and was the 2011 AIA?NAIUSI Fellow through which she spent a month in Italy studying biophilia and beauty as a pathway to restorative future. “
Stunningly beautiful and inspiring experience.

Just a few weeks ago we went on a home tour of energy efficient homes.  We were totally impressed with the Inspiration Home on the tour.  “It is an innovative, sustainable home with exceptionally clean indoor air and extremely low energy bills ($15 a month $160 a year for heat or AC and solar Hot water heater)” We wanted to thank Scott Homes for doing such a great job  and showing us personally around.  There is a great slide show with the Inspiration Home featured on the website.

The house was designed for clients, who will be moving in soon.

We were so inspired by the presentations that we are working on developing our own LIVING BUILDING Challenge site to be used as a teaching lab for builders and future homebuyers in our area.

What refreshed and inspired your work over the past season?

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Sat, September 1 2012 » Discoveries, Inspiration

2 Responses

  1. Bob Blume June 12 2013 @ 10:09 am

    I am glad to read that you were impressed with the tour & that energy efficient homes stood out to you. I truly believe it is now the way of the future 100%.

  2. Patricia August 16 2013 @ 11:56 am

    I enjoy all these programs about energy efficiency and am writing about a new one I learned about in July 2013 right now. Next post for this blog.

    I just wish I could get my community more involved and educated. I am thinking about putting together an education program that I could put on in the community.
    (My prejudice is a kitchen table designer is doing a remodel on a house that has the perfect exposure for a LIVING BUILDING CHALLENGE, and the developer is from out of town and just things energy efficiency is about appliances – a valuable assets being turned into an energy dumpsite)
    Patricia´s last blog post ..Favorite Rides: PT. Defiance 2013 Edition

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