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Last weekend we went on the South Sound Green Tour. We were unable to visit all the sites or workshops but learned so much from those we did tour and explore.

Here’s my list:

I went to an evening workshop on water savings crafted by the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild.

This workshop had a fascinating water pump.  It attaches to the furthest point in your water system in your home from the hot water tanks or heaters.  It shuts off the hot water until you need it and then with the flip of a switch, no longer needing to  running the shower for 5 minutes to get the hot water there, one has instant hot water.  Thus it saves water and energy but not letting the water get cold in the pipes.

We saw lots of the new low flow toilets in our tour too.  Much better designs than our 20 year old model.

I walk by the Sherwood Press’ Bindery Building everyday  for more information about the GREEN of this building you can go to  www.GregoryFSmith.com

The Little House has been around town several times  84 square foot bungalow on wheels. Designer and Builder is Dee Williams  – for more information www.PortlandAlternativeDwellings.com

The ReStore  has some of our old doors and windows and we have been able to find door knobs to replace a few that were not functional any more  www.SPSHabitat.org or www.WhereDoITakeMy.org or www.ThurstonSolidWaste.org or www.2good2toss.com

The Silver Leed Certified home in our neighborhood was just crowded all weekend with lookers.

I think folks will find The Cooper Home house so Green and Fancy that they will say Green is only for the Wealthy?

Off to Woodard Bay Co-Housing where our good friend Liv is moving into her new home.  I helped design the community house which is not yet under construction.  Warm, cozy and we were given the Royal Tour.  www.WoodardLaneCoHO.org or www.ScottHomes.com

Woodard Lane Co Housing

Woodard Lane Co Housing

510 Interiors is one of our favorite spots any where around.  Always nice to see Richard and company!

We did not stop to visit these spots:
The Artisan Group
The Campbell Home
The Parker-Firmin Home
The Vaughn Murphie Home
New Market Skills Center
Matter! Gallery

You can go on your own tour of all these fabulous buildings and designs.  I was amazed at how many are in my own neighborhood and in the growing interest in Green Design.

How about you?  Do you have a Green Building and Homes tour in your community?

It’s Earth Day – hope it is a great one!   Celebrate GREEN

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Thu, April 22 2010 » Discoveries

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