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raccoon in parking lot

raccoon in parking lot

Spent last week at the Regional AIA (American Institute of Architecture) conference in Eugene, Oregon and I am sorting out the material and information I gleaned from that experience and will be posting a number of exciting lessons learned in the coming weeks.   The environment was the biggest issue and how to keep working at sustainable and green design teaching people about what we do and our plan to make a difference.

I came home and had to catch up on lots of things left undone by my absence.

Then into my mailbox came this great TED talk about a new Environmental Health Clinic in NYC at NYU.  I was fascinated by all the little things that can be done which were shared by Natalie Jeremijenko the engineer who was presenting about her clinic and the IMPATIENCEs who come in for prescriptions for their neighborhoods and environments.

Very clever and important information sharing here…a great teaching moment and maybe it would excite your thinking about your neighborhood as much as it changed mine

The Art of Eco Mind Shift TED Lecture

Had you heard of this before?  Something else that local people can do without lots of paperwork issues and concerns; I think there would be some paperwork with some ideas.   Do you think this makes the parking lots in your location more vital?  We have lots of critters in our downtown neighborhood – wild critters – How can we assist their survival?

This makes our local bay cleanup effort look very old school and out of date.  How can we help others make an eco shift?

Looking forward to your suggestions and comments.

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Thu, October 21 2010 » Discoveries

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