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Always open to new ideas and looking for the beauty that surrounds us in nature, the Biking Architect set off to take a fresh look at the Pacific Ocean and drive Highway 101 and 1 to California.  He did this trip on his bicycle nearly 10 years ago with a group of guys, this year he took his wife, connected with daughters and was renewed by the fresh air and beautiful sites.

Welcome to California

There were many stops along the way because his passenger insisted (did not nag). BA discovered that the batteries were not charged in his camera.  So pause here for a moment and visualize the sand dunes, Marine Museums, lighthouses, redwoods, tourist traps and the magnificent Pacific Ocean Waves; all of these attractions highlighted by wind, rain, RVs and glorious sunshine.

First bike ride in California was Coyote Point to Chrystal Springs Reservoir (It was No Cars day!)


My wife and I experienced  an Intuitive Painting Wild Heart Workshop at Creative Juices Arts Studio owned by Chris Zydel in Oakland.


Adventure #3 was to San Jose’ to experience the Tech Museum of Innovation with my new friend Roan and then to my daughter’s home  and we went to see the movie  LINCOLN   – Wow I hope you have all gotten to see this movie?


On Turkey Day we did the Turkey Trot (under an hour for me!)  and then we painted and explored Healdsburg  having our feast at the Madrona Manor  .

Last but not least, a glorious hike on the Scott’s Valley Trail thru the redwoods southwest of San Jose.

Big Ben

Our return trip home was also along the coast with a stop in Portland to see our newest family member – Lorax!


Refreshing the ideas and visions for the year ahead and hoping that your holidays will inspire you and your work in the coming year.

How do you refresh, renew and invigorate?

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