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Bike LogoThe Procrastination Equation: How to stop putting things off and start getting things done ~Piers Steel, PhD.

By Patricia


I feel honored to have been chosen to read this book and share it with you on my blog. No marketing group held this one up for me to read, this book offer came from the author himself and Harper Publishing sent me a copy to read at his request. It was a savvy expose’ about a serious Pandemic and the workbook section provides a way out and a recovery for individuals. An impressive amount of research and study has gone into the work and with humor and dexterity the author has step by step presented to us his findings and tangible “how tos”.

This self professed procrastinating professor has his own life lessons in this area. He knows firsthand how this habit can lead to failure, confusion and disappointment. He decided to take up the cause and is the world’s leading researcher on motivation and procrastination. He has spent decades studying, practicing, and recovering; currently teaching at the University Of Calgary School Of Business and is providing us with the definitive resource.

I enjoyed very much the amusing anecdotes, examples and was extremely impressed by the easy quizzes and explanations which made the book an enjoyable read and resource. Then again I need to say this is not one of my problems as I am an extremely organized and responsible individual, who turned in papers ahead of time, can inspire myself to great feats and prowess, and have successfully overcome perfectionism in my youth. Then again, since my last job rejection letter in my 2010-11 search project arrived, I have been working on my income taxes, cleaning cupboards, and reading this book like crazy and have not even taken a look at any opportunities which might be available. I have come to a complete stop – so I guess I am procrastinating with diversions of a different kind.

I was not aware that procrastination was costing the USA trillions of dollars in productivity – Ah, let me check that email that just popped up.

“Emmett’s Law: The dread of doing a task uses up more time and energy than doing the task itself.”

Some of the research mentioned in the book is from books I have just finished reading. They are all pointing to the same direction. Mention was made of Dr. Kessler’s (Yale) work on food – The End of Overeating, Brian Wansink’s Mindless Eating, which I just finished for book group, for which he won a Nobel Prize; Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World Revisited, and oh, excuse me, Facebook says I have two new comments on my status.

“All the resources of psychology and the social sciences are mobilized”… with the aim of controlling people by finding… “the best ways to take advantage of their ignorance and to exploit their irrationality.” Huxley

As a person who gave up TV, when I thought my kiddo was becoming hooked and has only had TV for short periods of time, I was amazed that the folks in the USA watch an average of 5 hours a day, whereas in Finland they watch about 2 hours. Whoo hoo! My turn just came up on my group Scrabble game on line – I’ll be back.

“Diabolically while the Internet has made it easier for us to work, it has also created a series of behavioral traps that make it harder for us to work at all.”

Wow what more should I say? I think I will just get a bowl of M&Ms because they always help me write, but I think I will only eat the yellow ones right now. This is a powerful book and resource and it can make a difference in people’s lives. The workbook is very helpful to the individual and to management.

This book also made me cry. It made me very sad. I can see why the environment is in trouble, while political matters are proceeding blindly/inhumanely, I understand that impulsivity is being promoted 24/7 – because of GREED and profit margins and I am just thinking folks need to stop – come to a complete halt – and I am wondering if we have numbed our brains and our thinking capacity to a neatly avoiding state. I don’t want to believe that my mind and choices are being so controlled in this devastating, brain drain fashion; I do believe it is true. So then I wonder about to whom shall I talk or spend time? Who are the people truly living this life and where will the spirited, leaders come from?

“Once effort disappears, failure is inevitable.”

It was important for me to note that religious and spiritual leaders have been struggling with procrastination since nearly the beginning of time. It has now just reached and evolved into massive dis-ease with destructive results.

What happened to having a meaning full life? Can you tell me where it is? What makes you think you are not being controlled, because we all know this is about others, not us?

This book is a good natured poke to return us to our better selves and inspire us to find more satisfying outcomes and de-light; I believe you will like reading this one.

This book is available from this site and although I received a free copy of this book, no one or institution paid me to review this book or write what I presented here. If you order any of the books listed here from this site, I will receive a few beans in my bucket.

A powerful book for the individual and for folks in management positions.

WIN A COPY OF THIS BOOK: That’s correct, YOU can win a copy of this book by making a comment before April 28,2011 on this blog post – I am not kidding – the author is sharing a copy and it is a great read and resource – Just tell us your best procrastination story or anti- procrastination technique and we will hold a random drawing on the 28th – Go ahead you know you want to read this book!

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