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By Patricia

Every week I read 12 architectural, green, engineering, design blogs. I read at least 3 newsletters and articles from action groups, plus something about greening the economy.

I comment on someone’s blog every week. Almost no one comments here. Readership is slow but consistent and growing. Lots of competition that I believe no longer serves people.

I shared this insight with Tom’s office 4 months ago to give them a head start, now I am going public.

As discovered by my analysis and effort -this is how the most innovative folks are getting green work and income.

  1. Working designers are becoming experts on all the green grants that are available right now. They can understand them from inside and out.
  2. Designers are becoming experts on the passive and active ways to renovate buildings into 30% to 50% reduction in energy usage structures for their area. They are green experts and know the real folks to call on for more answers and specific answers.
  3. Designers are working with local city governments, counties and administrators of schools and institutions to identify buildings that could be major projects for renovation with their specific communities. The Designers, Contractors and Government (all levels) are becoming a team to make their communities as Green as Possible. Eventually, all structures within any community will have to comply if we are going to get out of this situation.
  4. A specific project becomes tenable and matches the possibilities of the Grant.
  5. The Grant is written and a detailed rendering of the completed project attached and all the facts and figures are clean, real and not padded, fanaticized, or greed based. Applied and sent off.
  6. Each project is hiring numerous local workers to design new needed tools and building parts, etc. , not to mention carpenters , excavators (green design involve longitude and latitude expertise), suppliers and sub-contractors. We’re staring a hum here…
  7. The community is being educated about how this renovation will help meet the community’s goals for 50% energy savings. More people involved more projects begin to appear and more commitment and community pride.
  8. The community will not be in competition with itself but has become a collaborative effort to make the community it’s very best.

Grant writing has been a big business venture for many years. Lots of scammers make lots of money off Grant Money. Non-profits, Artists, and Schools are extremely dependent on grant money. Even our Department of Transportation is dependent on grant money.

The American Car company’s did not figure it out and kept doing the same old thing. Telling us what they thought we wanted, then spending millions convincing us this was what we wanted. In my book, those people not willing to figure this out and just keep doing the same old thing and are cheating me out of my next breath of air and a future for my Grand Children.

Then again, maybe presenting this idea to do nothings who think they will get more money for doing the same old thing will bring about no change what so ever or a government direct bailout?

Good riddance – break up the monopolies please – Where is the good old American Ingenuity?

I think they will fold and go out of business. What do you think?

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Tue, June 9 2009 » Discoveries

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