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by Patricia


I am sharing some of my thoughts about green design needs and about why the biking architect’s firm and other small firms are holding on by the finger tips…. and not getting the stimulus work… Just sharing what is on my mind…

  • I just watched the movie”FOOD, Inc.” and highly recommend it.
  • I am wondering why the huge firms are getting the stimulus money and the energy efficiency work and nothing is trickling down. This is just like the big financial institutions which created the problems getting the funds and not trickling it down. Now the huge firms, might have some one person holding their feet to the fire on Green Design…energy efficiency and sustainability, but they don’t seem to have many who have actually done this kind of work or produced the results that are needed right now? Whereas the smaller firms that have been doing this kind of work for 30 years are not even being hired as consultants – they are still begging clients to do the right thing.
  • Why are the folks handing out the projects seemingly not asking these questions?
    1. Why has this firm not been doing these projects before? Or only making surface changes?
    2. How many firms are connected to the big energy – oil users?
    3. Who is covering the Copenhagen meetings? What have they learned from this gathering?
    4. Who is teaching the contractors and engineers about the new products?
    5. Who is understanding the new equipment/surfaces/structures that are needed and designing it?
    6. How many vegetarians are there within the firm?
    7. How many live in situations where they truly recycle, reuse, and monitor their carbon foot print? And who can give a detailed reporting, but they all SAY they do…?
    8. What is the firm’s home base and projects carbon foot print in the last year?
    9. Who uses bikes for transportation? Who offsets their use of computers? Who supports the local economy and CSA groups? Who has changed codes and laws?
    10. Who volunteers to help the less fortunate understand?
    11. Are they connected to Architecture 2030? Or 360. Org? Treehuggers?
    12. Which of these big firms know what is happening and what kinds of development the Green firms have been producing these pasts 30 years?

Yep I know that the world is not fair. I also know that by keeping our work localized that St. Louis firms may not know that there is all this expertise available for consulting or mentoring.
My looking and thinking says that folks are really trying and working hard….but they are not going to solve the problems and make a better world with this same old same old patterns…. (see: David Korten’s book Agenda for a New Economy.)

Part II the Case for Eliminating Wall Street

Part III Agenda for a Real Wealth Economy

Communication does not seem to be up to par and it is exclusive – no Stone Soup going on.

I am certainly appreciating the blogs that are working on better communication and sharing the knowledge.

David and Goliath once again….unless the old ‘drive them out of business’ app is running?

What are you thinking about? Does it feel same ol’, same ol’ to you?

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Thu, December 17 2009 » Discoveries

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