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Steam plant and train yard coal

Steam plant and train yard coal

One of my favorite biking routes takes me to the country south of my home.  It is a stunning ride and we see lots of the flora and fauna and usually a number of animals.   We turn and change directions at the Centralia Steam Plant.

We have legislation in our State House right now which would retrain the few employees who work at the Steam Plant and close the plant down.   You see there is almost nothing left for us from this steam plants operations.

The plant is owned and operated by a Canadian Firm and all the profits go to Canada.   All of the coal is brought in by train from Wyoming, – We saw lots of these huge long trains as we travelled across the state this past weekend, – All of the power that is produced at the Steam Plant goes to California.  So what is left for us ->

The Pollution
…and the clean up.

This has left me wondering if we will do the right thing or not?  Is there truly a commitment to making the changes that will move us forward and clean up the problems?  Will folks just listen to the noise makers, who do not want change and repeat and repeat –“ closing down”   “shutting down” “its clean”  words to increase fear?

Seeing all the trains moving across the state reminded me of the Sightline Article about this issue and it is making me wonder about how to educate people so we can do the right thing.

Do you have projects and problems that could be taken care of if enough people understood the situation?    How do you educate folks on how to make earth friendly change?  Do you have a commitment which is activated to a clean, safe environment?

John the Bumper car at steam plant

John the Bumper car at steam plant

Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

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Thu, February 10 2011 » Discoveries, Inspiration, On the Road

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