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We had a couple of truly warm and cozy spring like weeks in a row.  The trees were budding, the crocus and snowbells emerged and several of our neighbors have had blooming daffodils in their yards.

Thoughts turned to spring and all the wonderful things I could work on in my yard to prepare and make a nice presentation.

How to attract Birds?
Bird Houses need to fit the bird.  Which varieties are you working on attracting?
Some Hummingbird facts to consider
Thinking about raising chickens in your backyard?

Cat House Plans needed?

Not at our house, we just have tons of cats in our neighborhood. Go after the moles will you and not the birds?

How about Rover?
Washington Architect Makes Earth Friendly Dog Digs Very green structure with a living green roof and heated flooring, and filtered rain water fills the water bowl.

Turning the beds in the vegetable garden boxes and weeding, I could certainly start that job.
Thinking about how good homegrown peas would taste?

We just pruned our 4 large apple trees.

The Mason Bee Boxes need some attention after the last big wind and the sapsucker attack. Lots of them here.

OH Wow just look out the window – I think that is snow!   Whew, this means I can just take a nap ?

Are your thoughts turning to matters of spring?

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Thu, March 3 2011 » Discoveries

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