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Bike LogoTINY HOUSES Bring Lots of Attention To Our Efforts and Rededication of the Washington Center for The Performing Arts

What an exciting week to have MSGS’s work shared so far and wide.  Quixote Village is now complete and residents have moved into their TINY HOUSES and are quite happy with their new circumstances. We worked with the Methodist Church and all the folks who have been housing Camp Quixote for years and years.   The camp was a tent city which moved from church parking lot to church parking lot for too many years.  The residents are all working folks but have lost their homes.  The city and grant money were provided for building the structures and the residents were involved.  Lots of reduced fees for service and lots of gifted resources and hours!  It takes a whole village to create a whole village!

Garner Miller deserves a great deal of credit for this project.  And the Village has solar panels on the community building, which were a wonderful addition to the project.

Quixote Village

Quixote Village

 YES! Magazine did a story on our project and other TINY HOUSE projects which were succeeding.

Article in Yes! Magazine 
The NEW YORK TIMES newspaper sent out a reporter who took lots of pictures: NYT article
Bill Moyers Article
ABC’s Diane Sawyer did a story and interviewed Garner Miller the lead architect

We know the story has been shared on FACEBOOK with New Zealand readers/ Australian readers / and South African readers – this is very exciting.

Washington Center Invite

Washington Center Invite

To top off this exciting week of great news, we attended the Dedication of the Washington Center for The Performing Arts (pictures on site), a project remedying some building problems and concerns and getting a new facelift along with the remodel – That was on the front page of the OLYMPIAN

Some weeks are just like that – amazing highlights for sure.  WOW that was fun; let’s do it again!

Living Building Learning Challenge –Eco Districts
5 Questions: Garner Miller
5 Questions: Bill Sloane
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Wed, March 5 2014 » Inspiration

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