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I am going to share 3 interesting things I read about this week with you and then tie them together – you are in charge of putting the bow on top.

Bumper Sticker

Unattended Children will receive
A cup of espresso
And a free puppy.

Vancouver, British Columbia’s Carbon Neutral Goal

In the year 2050 the city has a Carbon Neutral Goal
50% of the buildings that exist today will still exist in 2050
That means that a large portion of those building will need to be retro – fit
To meet carbon neutral standards
The community is committed to this goal and are doing everything
They can to achieve and succeed at this goal.
They are working cooperatively and not against each other.
This includes helping homeowners succeed at fixing their homes and
Understanding what it means to be Carbon Neutral.
They are working out amazing and incredible solutions and financing
Beginning with a before and after Energy Audit.

Examples Lez renovate project highlighted: http://thetyee.ca/News/2011/03/31/GreeningYourHome/

Live Smart Program: http://www.livesmartbc.ca/homes/h_rebates.html

Home energy Audit:  http://www.lezrenovate.com/

On-bill Financing

I am just beginning to research On-Bill Financing.
Simply it involves a no interest loan applied to your energy bill, which can be paid off
Monthly and when it is paid off, your energy bill will drop dramatically.
Thus enabling homeowners and small business to retrofit without paying huge amounts
Of money at the beginning of the project or taking out additional loans.

Here are some definitions I found, where it is working right now and where folks are sorting it through to see if it will work for their locations.  The Google list is much longer, but these were most helpful to get started and see that Portland is having some success right now as is Vancouver BC.

On bill Financing: http://www.aboutcsbe.org/financing.html
More info: http://consumerenergyalliance.org/2009/09/nsba-report-shows-on-bill-financing-improves-energy-efficiency/
Portland:  http://www.stateenergyreport.com/on-bill-financing/

Puget Sound Energy was last year doing free Energy Audits and helping to finance retrofitting and some solar work.  We just got a HUGE energy credit on our Income Taxes and can tell you it was well worth the effort.

Tying it all together:

I would suggest that this is an “unattended child” for architects and their work right now….could they not be part of a team to do a retrofit audit for businesses and homeowners providing a package of information about financing available and grants and loans – providing the leadership in a community to assist in educating folks to possibilities and relieving the fear?

Seems like an opportunity to me….How about you?

What would be the espresso, the puppy or the bow on top?

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