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331Two and a half weeks of biking left to go on this Sierra/ Cascades Mountain passes tour.

This has been an amazing experience and we have met so many interesting people.

When we arrived in Mazama, Washington the whole community was gathered for a pizza feed in the park and they included us in their event.

336We encountered a fellow who had started from Sumas, British Columbia to ride to the Mexican Border with 14 other people, but by the time he reached Redmond, Oregon he was alone on the ride.  When he found our group, he debated about going home and getting his gear and joining us.

Bend, Oregon was an amazing experience and must be a biking hot spot.  There were so many gear stores and so many trails and events, we just explored and explored.  Good motel, hot showers and laundry facilities; time to regroup and refresh.

328Our fourth partner could not join us in Ashland, Oregon, because he had such a severe cold. Bill did find us a wonderful stop to rest and enjoy that city, and then nicely took our gear on to the next stop point, so that our first 8,000 foot climb was pack free.

Lower elevations have been very hot and the higher elevations quite cold at night.  We are now into California and Mt Shasta – looking forward to what this part of the ride has to offer.  17 Days of riding to go.

What an experience this has been.  Have you encountered wonderful people on your adventures? Got a good story to share?


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Thu, September 8 2011 » On the Road

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