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Water is nearly everywhere around our home, from the credible beauty of the Mountain Glaciers to the tides of the Salish Sea we are surrounded by water. The idea that most people do not like about this region is that there is lots of rain – more water.

Folks even get upset with the huge Evergreen Trees in our area, but when they cut them down they are not very good about thinking of what to do with the 500 gallons of water that tree consumed everyday – where will it go?

We have a nifty computer read out about our solar panels sitting right here beside my desk.  How much energy did we make, carbon saved, and energy consumed and then a nice, neat fun report comes monthly to chart the detail into a readable graph.

A Water Meter is out at the curb of our house and the city employee comes bi- monthly to read our water consumption.  Do you monitor your water consumption?  Do you know how much you use every month?  How much do you use in the kitchen or the bathroom?

I would so like to have a monitor/reader on my computer like the solar panel reader, because going out each day and reading the numbers by lifting the heavy lid is time consuming and hard on my knees.  I think it almost guarantees that most people just trust the city – and apartment dwellers what would they know unless they have separate meters that are accessible and how do they share the grounds use water bill?

Water use needs to be monitored and checked.   Our monthly statement came in the mail and wow, we had used 500 gallons of water more than this same time period last year.  We watered the garden more last year, 3 – 4 were in the house every weekend last year, and we had hotter weather.  This year for the whole month there was only one person here, who takes 3 minute showers, is very conservative on laundry and there was almost no cooking going on, although the same amount of food processing  was happening.   We only watered the yard a couple of days a week, and then only the pots, and several beds – not the grass, the trees or the hedges.

I had the city come out and they said we must have a leak on our side of the street and we should get someone in to see where water was running all the time.  We have not had company and as I said earlier only one person was home for the month.

We spent a great deal of money assisting the city in putting in a new street drain and a large overflow pipe down the bluff.  We have 2 sump pumps in our bedrooms that run a great deal on days of heavy rain and weeks of rain. We put in drains which run the length of our property. We clean the street gutters – of about a 10 block radius of our home, because of all the lost trees.  Now I am going out to write down the numbers by hand every time I use water.

I have also turned off the water to toilets that are not in use unless there is company in the house.  The rains are returning.    I wish we had rainwater tanks to flush the toilets and use for watering and laundry.

We have a drinking water filter to take the city chemicals out of glasses.  Maybe a rain garden is next?

Oh yes, those 500 gallons of extra water usage were during the full rate part of the year.  It cost a lot of pennies, nickels and dimes.   Do you monitor your water usage?  Do you think your meter is reading correctly?  Do you know?

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