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“Humans are social creatures and it is embedded in their brain the function of socialization. It is a natural thing for them to start a conversation at the register in a grocery store, in a bus stop, or any other place where two people remain close to each other for a minimum amount of time. It is an instinct that creates the need for connection between creatures that contributes to the survival of the species, not only by promoting the reproduction but also the mutual cooperation.”  Raul Ojeda

I have been reading and re-reading Charlene Spretnak’s book RELATIONAL REALITY: New Discoveries of Interrelatedness That Are Transforming the Modern World It is an amazing read.  The first part of the book is all about how all things/ everything/ all people/ all biology/ all earth matter is related and how over time scientists and spiritual questers have truly come to the same page.  It was very much about people and their care and relational beingness. This was a fascinating study and overview.

Part II then related all this relational information to how we are shifting our educational views and our parenting systems as we learn about our relational modality.  Could hardly put it down or stop reading.

Part III was about the Shift in Health and Healthcare.  I have to admit I read this section of the book 3 times before moving on.  Powerful thinking happening here.

Part IV is called the Relational Shift in community Design and Architecture.  I have just finished this section and would wish it would be high up on everyone I knows’ list to read next – because it is very vital, potent material which over the past 35 years I have heard alluded to, and here it is all combined into overview form.

Chapter 5 and 6 I have not started yet they are on economics and how people can step up and respond.
Very good summary and overview here, which I want to enthusiastically share with you; please find a way to read this book.

I also want to share this creative communication with you and wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!
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