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I have been reading around the Internet this week all the Architecture Blogs, all the Green Blogs, and all the Design Blogs that I can discover. I have been making lots of comments, but not getting “those” writers and bloggers to engage in a dialogue.

My gut level feeling is that folks are too competitive and when the projects start happening again and folks start spending again they want to be the Name Brand that is recognized and gets the work and the great design awards out first. I could be wrong on this score….?

I “Stumbled” across a great interview with the economist David Korten about his new book and I really thought I would like to share it with more people. It is a very positive approach to economic recovery, but what I liked about it is that it is more “green” and “local” than all the other things I am reading.

Here’s the link for the video.

It leaves me wondering why more engineers and architects are not helping their local elementary schools become 50% more energy efficient while we wait? Why there are not more educational programs at churches and community centers of green things that can be done while we wait.

Are you eating within 100 miles of your home? Are you helping someone learn to read or draw? What is Habitat for Humanity doing in your backyard and how can we green it up?

I believe people learn best one person at a time….and when they have the foundations they can be empowered to join in the conversation.

I have no doubt that Architects will be driving the local economic recovery and green future…I think what I am seeing is that most of the blogs and web pages I am reading are still in GREED not GREEN mode and I am feeling discouraged about discussion, which really greases the wheels of change, and that the Good Old Boys Club is just biding their time for the same old same old….

What do you think?

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Tue, February 24 2009 » Inspiration

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