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Seattle Skyline

Seattle Skyline

The election is over and I am busy now reading analysis and figuring out what all of this will mean for my work endeavors and where I will put my efforts.

My basic feeling is that fear won this election and lots and lots of money.  Make a scary commercial for TV and you were almost guaranteed a spot on the list.

I think to defeat fear one needs to educate and start very early in the cycle….make a few of those scary commercials and some educational ones that teach and then try to get them placed on the Entertainment news shows.   Obviously folks are watching a lot of hours of TV, which makes me wonder what they are doing for a living?   Or is that considered living now days?

I am all for truth and not just selected truth.

Re-outfitting schools using bonds – powerful

….Oh well, I guess folks want to spend more money on old systems that pollute and make the children ill – asthma anyone?

Yes it was borrowing money, with a sure fire way to pay it back with interest.

Folks still want to become ill and malnourished from candy and fizzy drinks – so I guess they want to pay for health care themselves?  Who would have thought a National Group would spend $14 million dollars scaring our socks off about a tax to pay for our ill health resulting?  Now that is scary.

…and the voters said yes to an idea that has totally shut down the California Legislative process, cost them billions and years  to get removed, which they succeeded in doing this year –

I think the greatest learning from this election cycle is that Architects and Planners are not taking seriously their role and function to EDUCATE.   Individuals are attempting to make a difference and to earn a living many have gone underground to keep making positive designs.  The silent treatment is not working to teach and educate at a rate that is needed.

So how are we going to educate?  How are we going to reduce fear?  How are we going to empower our best green designs and a sustainable future?   Are we going to let someone else do it for us? Where do we get the funds?

We only have 2 years until the next round.

Hey my phone just rang and the Republican National Committee just wanted my answers to a survey about who I would choose as President in 2012 (Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee are on the list) – they are not waiting around for me.


Here are two other articles I discovered in my reading, I thought they were significant:

Seattle is becoming more Kid Friendly: a rebuttal to an article about Seattle moving its poor out of town.

BPA-free receipts:   This is something I just learned about, I knew about all the learning problems associated with BPA – wonder what other exposures are out and about?

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Thu, November 11 2010 » Discoveries

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