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In Taos, New Mexico a group of folks built a community of Earthships Housing.  Most were designed by architect Michael Reynolds and reported on in Low Tech Magazine in 2007.

“An Earthship is a completely self-sufficient house that has a natural temperature regulation, without the use of a heating system. The building also generates its own electricity, collects and filters its own drinking water and cleans its own effluent water. The house is partly buried into the earth and is constructed mainly with waste materials; car tyres, aluminum cans and glass bottles. This low-tech building approach is ecologically as well as economically advantageous.”

Several years later a group in Brighton England developed a trust in order to build an Earthship in Brighton.  It was going to be a community of 16 units.

I could only find information on one completed unit: Earthship Brighton England

Second article with lots of detailed information and updates.

By casting around I found this 2011 update on Biotecture and Earthships webpage.

It was fascinating to spend some time exploring the work they are doing in Europe, Australia and now Haiti.

There was interesting video of the projects and seminars being offered on the sites.  I was impressed with the 10 day project in Haiti that was completed and it intrigued my imagination.

Thank you to IT Girl for finding the original articles and getting me thinking.

Working on finding out more information on Net-Zero Housing in the USA, can you share with me any new projects you know underway?

I know that car tires are getting some new life in many areas, what do you do with your old tires?

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Thu, March 10 2011 » Inspiration, Products, Reading

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