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Raising Elijah-Protecting our Children in an Age of Environmental Crisis

The other day I was watching a movie and had arrived at the part where the female and male leads are having a heart to heart conversation about their failed communications during the previous 50 minutes of the reel and the young man says, “What is it that women want?” and the young woman replies, “Here’s the secret – they do not know what they want.”

Some of that statement might be true, and I think we believe it because we have heard that answer so many times during so many movies, but I do not necessarily think it is even 75% the right answer.

So many of my workshops begin with an exercise where the participants take out a sheet of paper and write down 100 things they know how to do…..Most get to about 20 before I have to give them a hint such as:  tie your shoes, drive a car, twist your tongue, or what color is a fit for you.

After they get the hint, their pencils just fly and most folks get to at least 75 before times up.

When we ask the question, ‘What do women want?’ we need to put it into a context and make it smaller or categorize the possible answers to see that there is a clear message – especially when those women have children to consider.

Recently, I heard Sandra Steingraber, biologist, writer, mother, and activist, share her story on Bill Moyer’s and Company.   On a program called,  THE TOXIC ASSAULT ON OUR CHILDREN ,  Steingraber was exceeding clear about what women want and she was going to be locked in jail the very next day for stating clearly and acting on her beliefs on behalf of all children.  She is very clear and poignant about her facts and actions.

Women want love, respect, safety and protection, health, meaningful endeavors and to be heard.  When they are not heard, they take these issues into their own hands and create a healthy environment for themselves and their children. We create BUBBLES of security by shopping for organic foods, leaving toxic relationships. and keeping our kids off sugar and drugs while helping them to learn and be their best.

When we know what to do we do it; when we understand women strive to accomplish it.

It is time now to step out of the BUBBLE of Security and create a Global environment for everyone.  We need to see that there is a great deal of TOXIC TRESSPASS going on and we need to educate ourselves and others to issues like how the Gulf Oil spill has damaged the seafood supply – yep we can just make sure we don’t purchase Gulf seafood ( 75% of our seafood comes from the Gulf in the USA) or we can go vegetarian, but then we have to know about GMO foods and pesticides – yep we can go organic but without labeling and with the factory farms and Monsanto having all the money, well this maybe a dying possibility in the very near future.   And with coal trains and their health hazards and carbon dioxide problems and fracking destroying our ground water, What’s a mother to do?

Get out of the bubble, learn everything you are able to learn and then take to the streets and raise your voices.  Go to your legislature, write to Congress and your representative and raise money for re-election campaigns so that those folks are not dependent on the Greedy few.  Make the architects in your community share their knowledge and what they are doing with all their LEED knowledge.  Do a LIVING BUILDING PROJECT create a model environment in your neighborhood – teach others.
94% of the Architects in Washington State do not want coal exports here or processing.  Did you know that?  When they lost their candidate for Governor on this issue, the Koch Brothers are now using a new tactic to make their wants come true and make more money.  They appear to be the true EARTH TERRORISTS.

What do women want?  Clean air and food and a future earth for their children and generations beyond.

Get out of the BUBBLE, it’s the sexy and right thing to do.

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