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March 22 is World Wide Water Awareness Day

Clean water is becoming a huge issue around the world and right down the street.  I think as an architect and planner I need to make these issues more in the fore front of our designing and thinking.

I wanted to share this video about Water Awareness from You Tube.

And I still wish to invite you to watch the documentary FLOW: For the Love of Water

It is free on the Internet.

Watching my spouse work on healing and seeing how important clean water is to her success (clean water includes no Chlorine or Fluoride or other additives)  knowing that it takes years and years to get rid of all the plastic bottles and how they outgas,  and piecing together that there is a giant lack of regulation.   I thought I needed to bring up this issue one more time.

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Thu, March 25 2010 » Discoveries

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