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clothes pin

clothes pin

Delighted to inform you that our experiment with drying racks and not using our gas fueled clothing dryer has netted us a $38.00 drop in our energy bill.

This took considerable time to uncover as our energy company got a substantial rate increase approved in January and then also applied a rather substantial surcharge on to the bill this month.

February is also one of the months that the budget payment schedule is balanced out.

We opened the online envelope and were amazed at the total amount for all of our efforts and extra sweaters.

It took a phone call to the office with the charts on line before our very eyes to get the debt figured out and understood so that this success could be posted.

Also pleased to report western skylight exterior shades are in design mode, and we have enjoyed 2 days of enough sunshine recently to keep the heat pump from running for nearly 4 hours a day. This is passive solar heat success.  I am sure that will be reflected in next month’s bill.

Having my partner’s writing space right next to exterior unit of heat pump allows for favorable monitoring conditions of heat pump activity!

How have you implemented changes in your household this year and are they saving you energy costs?
Are you working on the 50% energy reduction challenge of Architecture 2030 at your home?

Share your ideas and stories, we would like to know how you are progressing.

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Tue, March 10 2009 » Discoveries

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